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Fly-by-wire is a system that is used by most current production cars and an increasing number of production motorcycles. Fly-by-wire allows the manufacturer to accurately control emissions, idle speed, torque and other parameters and also aids safety by eliminating the chance of a sticking throttle mechanism. In simplistic terms the accelerator pedal is no longer connected by a cable to the throttle butterfly or butterflies of the engine. The accelerator pedal position is read by the Engine Management System which then determines in conjunction with various other factors the required position of the throttle(s). The throttle is moved into the required position by a position controlled motor under control of the Engine Management System. The Engine Management System continuously monitors the accelerator position and throttle(s) position, any discrepancies in any of the readings will result in the system resorting to a safe mode. It makes decisions, if everything is ok, based on what the driver has requested with the accelerator pedal e.g. if the accelerator is closed the ECU will try to maintain idle but continually adjust the butterfly position to help maintain the best emissions, when the driver opens the accelerator hard it will move the butterfly in a manner that optimizes engine performance and emissions especially on turbocharged engines.

When it comes to motorsport, we can use this type of system to gain other advantages e.g. when the driver requests full throttle on a highly tuned engine, at certain rpm the engine may not respond well & may produce more power if the throttle is not fully opened. This can be programmed into the Engine Management System to achieve the best performance at all engine speeds and loads. Also sometimes the fastest acceleration of the engine can be achieved by moving the throttle butterfly slightly slower or faster depending on the engine's requirements, this again can be controlled by the Engine Management System to achieve the best results.

EGAS/Fly-by-wire unit on SBD Duratec

We have integrated the EGAS/Fly-by-wire into the MBE gearbox control software, we are now able to control engine speed during gear changes by adjusting the butterfly position, this is significantly improved the speed of the gear changes, both up and down shifts and how smooth the car drives.

Due to MBE's extensive experience with production car development, we are able to add new EGAS throttles and pedal sensors very quickly to the list of available options. It is very important that when a new throttle body/EGAS unit is added that it is extremely accurately calibrated, this way it can be controlled for optimum performance, but more importantly for safety. For example, when fitting an aftermarket EGAS motor to different throttle bodies from the same manufacturer the forces and loads required can vary greatly, therefore each set up must be calibrated. Please contact us to find out if your throttle body system has been calibrated already and if your pedal sensor has also been calibrated, you can also check within the latest MBE9A9 software for yourself. If it has not been calibrated, it isn't an expensive task to have this carried out for you and will normally only take a few days after receipt of your throttle assembly and pedal sensor.

EGAS set up are available for all our high specification Vauxhall, Duratec and Hayabusa throttle systems. Please contact us for more information.

More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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