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Mapping Strategy
The latest MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 CAN ECUs are capable of using a choice of mapping strategies. In its most basic form with the use of an MBE985 (MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN). This allows you to analyse the ECU, edit the maps & live map by means of a keyboard.
Mapping Kits Professional mapping kit
The professional mapping kit is designed for the advanced user, the pot box has 3 mapping pots, these can be configured to allow the user to adjust 3 different maps simultaneously. There are various strategies available to the user.

The MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs can do full closed loop wide band lambda control, with the additional of the lambda sensor LMBDA-04 either a single for 4-cylinder engines or twin sensors for V-engines.

More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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