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Gearbox Control/Power Shift
Power shift can be configured in various different options, it's simplest form is a single cut time. With use of 'complete on target gear', this allows the ECU to vary the cut time to lengthen or shorten it depending on how long the gear change takes. This time can vary dramatically depending on conditions (requires gear position sensor input). Powershift now has the option to either cut the spark, retard the spark or a combination of the two depending user requirements. There is an option for 'cut when pin low', this normally for use with external devices. Also there are many safety features built in, such as, lock out timers & continuous assert to protect against power shift being triggered accidentally.

The MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs can do full pneumatic gearbox control which includes clutchless upshift & downshift, throttle blip & can either be used on a total loss system or can control a compressor. Because it is all controlled within one system, this makes it extremely accurate & the ECU can calculate if a gear change is going to take too long. It is then able to take actions in order to overcome this problem, in fact it is so fast it is capable of removing or introducing single sparks, in order to overcome potential dog to dog issues.

Power shift system GEAR-PS-SWT-PUSH-PULL Gear change unit
More functions are continuously added to the MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs, please download Easimap 6 for the latest updates.

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