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We had the first 4 production MBE9MD-DISP-CS01 displays at the Autosport show, being used for demonstration purposes, YouTube video. These have all been fully tested and MBE are busy writing the first release version of software, they will connect to all current MBE motorsport ECUs, 9A4, 9A8, 9A9 and 9A6. The first large batch has been commissioned we expect the completion of the first 100 units to be ready for the middle of February and will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

It comes fully configured and will automatically connect to the MBE 9A4, 9A8, 9A9 & 9A6 ECUs. It is full touch screen even with race gloves on, the user will be able to reconfigure through the screen the information shown on the display, including warning parameters as well as accessing it with Easimap 6 to change more advanced information.

It has shift lights and will show gear position, oil temperature & pressure, fuel pressure, engine temperature, rpm, mph, battery voltage plus more functions to be finalised. The display uses a thin film transistor LCD colour screen, the same technology as used on laptops and PC.

Suitable for all engines using the current 9A range of MBE ECUs (9A4, 9A8, 9A6 & 9A9), please ensure your 9A# ECU has (9A#be871 or later ECU software installed.

The latest MBE9MD display software and updates are available here, this includes a video showing how to update the MBE9MD.

MBE9MD-DISP-CS01 Pin out information & Mounting details

Video showing MBE9MD start up, pages & some options.

Video showing MBE9MD rev limiter and shift lights

Video showing MBE9MD set up options

Video showing MBE9MD warnings

More information will follow soon.

MBE9MD-DISP-CS01 Display MBE9MD-DISP-CS01 Display

LM9MD-DISP-01K (shown right)
A complete display lead including curly flexible lead, that plugs directly into all our own wiring harness.

Anybody upgrading from the older MBE995 display will only need to add a new curly lead.

LM9MD-DISP-01K Complete display lead kit
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