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Sensors: Throttle position, Air, Water, Barometric, Boost, Lambda & Crank
Throttle Position Sensors
Throttle position sensor for Taper throttle & Multi-throttle injection kits.
PT1 shown on throttle body
PT1 Throttle position sensor
Wiring Instruction for PT1 on CAN type ECUs
PT2 Throttle position sensor PT2 (shown left)
Throttle position sensor 6 pin type for 2.0L XE pre distributorless type for the group N kits
PT4 Throttle position sensor Carburettors
PT3 Throttle position sensor 6 pin type for the Nova 1.6 group A

(shown right) PT4
Throttle pot Weber 40/45 DCOE

Throttle Pot Dellorto DHLA 45's (NOT 48's)
Throttle pot Weber 48/48SP DCO

Pedal Sensors

*EGAS-P-01-SH £150.00 (£180.00 inc VAT)

We regularly use this pedal sensor because it is ideal for converting a cable throttle set up to EGAS/Electronic throttle due to the fact that it can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, then you can connect your standard throttle cable to it and make your own mounting to hold the sensor in place as opposed to replacing your pedal box.

If you already have your own pedal sensor, please confirm before ordering the part number of the pedal sensor and what production car it comes from. We will then check the MBE list of already calibrated pedal sensors to see if it has already been done. If not you will have to send us the pedal sensor and there will be a small charge of £50 + VAT to calibrate.

EGAS-P-01-SH Pedal sensor

Air Temperature Sensors
All our air temperature sensors use the same calibrations as Bosch, Nippon Denso & Lucas. They are ideal for use with our MBE ECUs & many other makes. They use a 2-way mini-timer connector. We normally recommend that this measures ambient air temperature as opposed to being fitted to the air filter back plate which normally suffers from heat stroke in most installations particularly rallying, sprinting, etc. where the car is kept stationary with a hot engine for periods of time. Only forced induction system must have the air temp sensor in the intake or engines where they are used for endurance events where the sensors are continually cooled by passing air. NOTE: Once a sensor becomes heat soaked, it takes on average 5-10 minutes of running in fresh air before it begins to measure a true incoming air temperature.
AT1 Air temperature sensor


Open tip air temperature sensor. When fitting this sensor, we recommend fitting it into a rubber grommet, this helps insulate from heat stroke and reduce vibration.

AT2 Air temperature sensor


The AT2 air temp sensor is a more robust sensor, the sensitive tip is fitted within a plastic housing to improve durability.  This sensor is ideal for use in turbo, supercharged and other high stress applications.

AT3 Air temperature sensor


This sensor is a open tip sensor, the main body of the sensor itself is all plastic, which dramatically reduces heat soak. It is a very fast reacting sensor and is ideal for use to help reduce heat soak issues. It has a 6mm hole for mounting to allow fitment with an M6 bolt.  Due to its open tip nature, the sensor is less durable but ideal for applications where air box temperature is required.

Water Temperature Sensor
WTS1 Water temp sensor WTS1
Water temperature Sensor

Our water temp sensors use the same calibrations as Bosch, Nippon Denso & Lucas. They are ideal for use with our MBE ECUs & many other makes. They use a 2-way mini-timer connector.

Barometric & Boost Sensors
BARO-SEN-1 Barometric sensor

Barometric sensor

This is a 0-1 bar sensor commonly used for measuring atmospheric pressure changes, particularly useful on the MBE system if your car is to be used at high altitude.


Boost Sensor for Turbo 0-3 bar (absolute pressure)

This sensor is ideal for use with the MBE ECU, particularly in turbo applications, running up to 2 bar above atmospheric pressure.

BOOST-SEN-1 Boost sensor

Pressure Sensor
We have upgraded our oil and fuel pressure sensor to a higher specification version. The internal design has an extremely robust construction using technology, that is only normally seen in Formula 1. This pressure sensor is a linear sensor, which is extremely accurate outputting 0.5v(0.0PSI/0.0Bar) to 4.5v(147PSI/10.0Bar). The latest versions are very compact & due to their linear output very easy to set up. We use them all the time in our systems for both oil & fuel.
PR-SEN-P5 Pressure sensor with dimensions


We can supply an adaptor harness to allow you to fit the pressure sensor directly to any of our MBE ECUs.

Pin out information

LM-ADP-PR-SEN-P5/P6 Adaptor harness for pressure sensor
If required we can supply the Packard connector for the PR-SEN-P5 sensor, if you intend on making your own harness.
PR-SEN-P-CONN-01 Pressure sensor connector

Lambda Sensors
Lambda 1.00 NGK Sensor 3 wire with 820mm cable for 967/992/9A4/9A8 ECUs. This sensor is ideal for use for MOT & SVA emission tests with the correct set-up in your ECU & appropriate motorsport catalyst. Can also be used on some older models of ECU.
You will also require a LMBDA-PLG & LMBDA-BLK for your exhaust manifold.
LMBDA-01 Lambda sensor
2011 Wide band lambda sensor, it is currently the most accurate & toughest sensor produced by Bosch to cope with harsh environment & is a significant improvement over previous versions. Suitable for use only with MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs, which have built in wide band lambda control.
You will also require a LMBDA-PLG & LMBDA-BLK for your exhaust manifold.
LMBDA-04 Lambda sensor

Crank Sensors
Please see our new website for Crank Sensors & Trigger Wheels
MBE ECUs & Easimap Software

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