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Steve at Mallory Park Sept 2009. Picture:Kim Kingham
Steve at Mallory Park Sept 2009 for the final round of the British Sprint Championship. Picture:Kim Kingham
Steve is winner of the 2.0L Class & 2nd Overall in the British Sprint Championship 2009

Matt Hillam will be driving the SBD Duratec Westfield in the Westfield Speed Series this year. Carole Torkington & Craig Sampson will be sharing the car at various events.
Castle Combe 28.3.09 Steve - 1st in Class, Fastest in the timed runs - 120.22s. Due to cooling track, 3rd in Top 12 Run-off. Meeting Report

Croft 13.4.09 Steve - 1st in Class, New class record. 6th in Top 12 Run-off - 70.86s. Meeting Report

Curborough 3.5.09 Steve - FTD - 53.24s. We were testing the suspension set-up.

Gurston Down 23&24.5.09 Steve competed at Gurston Down National Hillclimb at the weekend, sharing the car with Steve Owen. Trevor Willis & Steve Owen spend Friday evening setting the geometry up for this hillclimb. Steve Broughton achieved a 64ft time of 1.82seconds, we had the fastest speed on both traps out of the 2.0L class with 127mph (final) & 116mph (hollow). Both drivers enjoyed driving the car & created a lot of interest in the paddock. Brayspeed video of Steve Owen timed run

Pembrey 6.6.09 Steve - 1st in Class, 5th in Top 12 Run-off - 99.26s. Meeting Report
Craig - 1st in Class driving the SBD Westfield - 114.09s.
7.6.09 Steve - 1st in Class, 2nd in Top 12 Run-off - 96.20s. Meeting Report

Anglesey 13.6.09 Steve - 2nd in Class, 5th in Top 12 Run-off - 80.70s. Meeting Report
14.6.09 Steve - 2nd in Class, 4th in Top 12 Run-off - 100.19s. Meeting Report

Curborough 22.6.09 Westfield Weekend, Craig driving SBD Westfield, 3rd in Class - 56.01s. YouTube Video

Castle Combe 27.6.09 Steve - FTD, New Course Record - 56.75s YouTube Video

Hethel 2.8.09 Craig driving SBD Westfield, 2nd in Class - 67.37s

Lydden Hill 15.8.09 Steve - 2nd in Top 12 Run-off - 65.82s. Meeting Report
Craig driving SBD Westfield, 1st in Class - 74.41s
16.8.09 Steve - 3rd in Top 12 Run-off - 66.61s. Meeting Report
Craig driving SBD Westfield, 1st in Class - 76.95s

Colerne 31.8.09 Steve - 1st in Class, 2nd in Top 12 Run-off - 64.60s. Meeting Report

Mallory Park 6.9.09 Steve - 1st in Class, New Class Record, 2nd in Top 12 Run-off - 59.61s Meeting Report

Brighton Speed Trials 12.9.09 Steve - 1st in Class, New Class Record, 2nd Top 6 Run-off - 10.01s YouTube Video
Craig driving SBD Westfield - 2nd in Class 11.20s YouTube Video
Carole at Lydden August 2009 Craig at Lydden August 2009
Carole at Lydden in August 2009 driving Colin Early's Darian Craig at Lydden August 2009.
Picture:Kim Kingham Picture:Kim Kingham
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