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Frequently Asked Questions - Ford Anglia
Bellhousing and engine mounts for 2.0L XE in Ford Anglia
Question: I want to put my 2.0XE (running carbs) into my 67' Ford Anglia 105e using a straight cut/close ratio 4 speed Ford box. Can you please advise me on the correct bellhousing, engine mounts and anything else you produce that I would need?

Answer: We would recommend the same components as people use for the Escort. We have at least a couple of customers using the Ford Anglia with the XE engine in. Both have gone two different routes, one has used the vertical bellhousing and the other has used the 7 degree version (as listed on our web site). The vertical bellhousing means the engine sits bolt up right, but this makes the carbs come very close to the inner wing. You would then require to run very short air horns which would mean your engine sacrifice quite a bit of power. Also the sump pans that are produced normally come from the Opel Manta or Carlton and these are designed to sit at 7 degrees, so you would also need to fabricate a sump. I would suggest you use the 7 degree bellhousing, this would give you more room for your carbs and a wider choice of sump options. I would suggest the chassis mounting kit for your engine mounts and this will allow you to position the engine in the best place and these mounts give you that freedom.

I would look at the club spec exhaust manifold, which is designed for the Chevettes and Escorts and you can look at the many components listed for Escorts. These will in many cases suit your installation.

Links: Engine Mounts | Exhaust Manifolds

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