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Frequently Asked Questions - Ford Escort
Cooling issues on Duratec powered Escort
Sierra 5 speed gearbox vs T5 Sierra Cosworth gearbox
Cooling issues on Duratec powered Escort
Question: Hi I'm having trouble with Duratec cooling system. The car is RWD Mk6 Escort and the rad is mounted low hence the rad top hose has to dip down. The water rail has no rear outlet to run heater or bypass hoses just has a switch to operate rad fan. The Mk 6 has a header tank with a air bleed to top of rad. Runs and cools perfect until sitting at idle when it starts to heat up. Do I require a extra bleed pipe from top of rail engine or bypass and heater pipes refitted. Or do I put on a David Craig pump, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: All our vehicles are equipped with an electric water pump controlled by our ECUs.  We do not use the mechanical water pump due to shortcomings in the Ford design.  If you are using a mechanical water pump, great care must be taken and bleeds are always essential to prevent air locks.  We have no diagrams for the mechanical system as this is not something we recommend.  The diagram on our website is only for the electric water pump design.

Duratec Cooling System Components

Sierra 5 speed gearbox vs T5 Sierra Cosworth gearbox
Question: I'm looking at replacing the engine in my Mk II Escort from a Ford Pinto Engine to a 2 litre red top. This is going to be a road going vehicle also to be used on track days. It's currently running a 2 litre pinto and a 5 speed Sierra gearbox. I also have a 5 speed 2 wheel drive Sierra Cosworth gearbox which I would like to fit with the red top engine if this is possible?

Answer:We would always recommend the Sierra gearbox you are already using as this is the most common fitment on the XE conversion, it has the widest range of components available, not only for fitting of the gearbox but also if you upgrade later on you can either replace the internals of your current gearbox easily with a range of gear kits available or a large choice of specially manufactured gearboxes which are designed as bolt in replacements in H pattern or sequential form. The problem with the T5 gearbox is that there is only a limited number made, the installation does not have as many components available and the gearbox itself was never ideal and when I used to drive a Sierra Cosworth, this was the first part that was thrown away.

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