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Frequently Asked Questions - Ford Fiesta
SBD Throttle Body kit on Fiesta ST150
Question: I am researching ITB's for the Fiesta ST150, but had a question which I wondered if you could help with. I've been looking at your TP203bhp kit, and also saw that a chap called Dyrr Ardash has a kit fitted to his Fiesta ST here. My question, how would you go about the fly-by-wire throttle on the Fiesta ST? Does it need replacing with a cable? If so, is this all included in the kit?

Answer: All of our systems are now motorsport based due to the costs involved of interacting with the standard management systems, I did look at the kit that was produced by DRM and think that it was an extremely well designed product and couldn't imagine how much money they had spent developing the kit to interact with the standard management system. The reason we don't do anything like that on road based cars is that you can spend many of thousands of pounds if not tens of thousands of pounds for something that only has a short life before Ford stop producing it or change the design. This means that you have little if any chance in re-cooping your development costs, which has to be spread across the number of kits you sell. This is the reason why we stick to motorsport, since we can replace the standard management system where we can control every part of the system and not be hampered by what the road based and evermore complex systems which are continually monitoring to see if the car in every aspect is performing correctly. If anything is picked up by the standard ECU and not operating as it should, as a minimum it will turn an engine warning light on and normally put the engine into 'limp' mode. Finding all the information that the stock ECU requires is a massively complex job, taking many thousands of hours to decypher with possibility that the next time your car is serviced Ford update software and maps completely changing everything you have already deciphered.

When fitting a motorsport management system none of this becomes a problem, the only problem as far as you are concerned being the end user is that the standard management system not only controls the engine, but a mass of other accessories fitted to the car, which again is expensive to be developed for a road car.

The car you have been looking at on our website belonging to Dyrr is a pure race car and therefore none of the problems mentioned above apply. Obviously if you are using a totally stripped out car for fast road and track use only, then this kind of conversion would be the route to go.

Please check our customer cars section which may help answer your questions
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