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2.0L XE into a Robin Hood 2bkit
Question: I will be taking delivery of Robin Hood 2bkit at the end of May and am considering fitting an XE unit, are you able to supply dimensions for the engine so that I can measure up to see how it will fit. Also what do you have so that I can adapt the Ford Type 9 gearbox to the engine and do you have any adaptor kits to fit the engine bearing in mind that the chassis mountings will be set up for a Pinto engine

Answer: The pinto engine is a much larger engine than the XE, so if you can get a pinto into your car, the XE will have no problem. I have seen several Robin Hoods with the XE fitted to it. As far as the dimensions of the engine, although I could give you the overall dimensions, I have usually found that these aren't very helpful when you come to situate the engine in the bay, due to the various shapes protruding from the block and head castings. It is normally best to get an engine and drop it into the engine bay. I know the engine will fit as I have already said. All you have really got to decide is the exact position to mount it in your car and the dimensions would not help you decide on this final position.

The only other major area to look at is the sump pan of the standard engine is quite deep and not really very suitable. The sump pan we supply is 100mm deep, has a built in baffle to help reduce surge and a new oil pick up pipe.

Links: Sump pans

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