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Question: Morning sir, is it possible to connect the Easimap 5.5 to a TVR Tuscan (year 2000) with an MBE941 management system? Is it possible to change the Map (we want change at low revs to adjust idle)?

Answer: The MBE ECUs fitted to TVRs are not like the aftermarket ECUs, they are completely different in design & construction. Even if you could access the maps, adjustment to them would not have any long term effects. All TVR ECUs are designed to run in closed loop lambda control all the time, they have a non-adjustable target of Lambda1 & if you make an adjustment to change this, the ECU will automatically correct any changes back to Lambda1.

You must ensure that all your sensors are working correctly including lambda sensors, because if any of these have become faulty the ECU will not be able to work correctly. There was some software that TVR dealers had for this diagnostics & as far as I'm aware, it is readily available within the TVR community. If you have confirmed that everything is working correctly & your car is still having an issue, then your ECU may need to be repaired, this is still possible in most cases even with the earlier ECUs. The ECUs have a special flash memory, which is used to store the lambda corrections, eventually these wear out & cause running issues.

If you have problems with TVR ECUs, please contact TVR Power, 339 Bedworth Road, Coventy. CV6 6BN. Telephone: 02476 366177.
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