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Frequently Asked Questions - Vauxhall Cavalier
SBD Taper throttle kit into a Cavalier Mk2

Question: I have a MK2 Cavalier SRI 130 fitted with a re-con 2L 16v XE, do you have a throttle body kit which will fit my car without having to move the servo & master cylinder?

Answer: A few people in the past have fitted 2.0L 16V engines into SRI's. The servo is actually slightly smaller on the SRI than the 16V GSI. Also the Cavalier has more space than the Astra Mk2. So apart from possibly having to rearrange your brake pipes slightly (you can use our brake pipe modification kit if needed). Both the TP208 and the MT196 should fit. If you go back to our main web site and look at the customers cars, you can see one customer who has fitted the 208 kit to his Mk3 Astra, which has a similar engine bay to the Cavalier. If you go and look at the kits, you will see a photograph of both kits showing you what they comprise of. You can also download our current price list.

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