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Frequently Asked Questions - Vauxhall Vectra
2.5L V6 power dip with standard management system

Question: I have had my 2000 W Vectra SRI 2.5v6 with a de-restricted air box with Panle filter and cat back Manex s/s exhaust system on a rolling road and it ran 175bhp with 156bfl, however it has a dip in power in mid range. Can you advise me whether a chip and a 4bar fuel pressure regulator fix this?

Answer: The main problem you have when tuning further than you already have, is the limitations of the standard management system. Having a custom built chip will help to a degree, but the air flow metering limits what you can do (look at our web site for more details). We did do work in the past on a few rally cars with a special MBE 970 ECU which was very successful and more recently some throttle bodies are being developed to allow the engine to breathe a lot better. Provided your standard management system is fitted to a car which is a few years old, you should find that the ECU only controls the engine and doesn't control many other accessories as a lot of the newer cars do. The MBE970 ECU has now been superseded by the MBE9A8 ECU, which would be suitable for your requirements.

Links: MBE9A8 ECU

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