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1.4L & 1.6L Vauxhall Fuel Injection - Taper throttle bodies
Fuel injection kit TP1.6K

We have fuel injection kits for both the 1.6L & 1.4L Vauxhall engines, which consists of the inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rail, air horns, injector clips, o-rings & complete fitting instructions. Please specify whether you will be using peco or standard injectors, so the correct fuel rail can be provided.

Fuel injection kit for the Vauxhall 1.6L shown with standard fuel rail & 90mm air horns.

These parts can be purchased separately.

Please view our complete Taper throttle kits 1.6L engines & 1.4L engines.

Throttle Cable Linkage Kits & Brackets
TLK-CLS-1 Throttle linkage kit


TLK-CLS-1Throttle Linkage kit suitable taper throttle kits, shown with bracket kit (shown on throttle bodies below)

Also available: TLK-CLS-2 Twin cable throttle linkage kit


Taper Throttle linkage Bracket kit

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