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INJ-330P Brown Peco Injectors INJ-480P Yellow peco injector INJ-690P Peco injector
Small peco brown injector 330cc flow, suitable up to 250bhp
Small peco yellow injector 480cc high flow 14 Ohms, suitable for up to 270bhp
Siemans peco blue injector 690cc flow, 12.5 ohms, suitable up to 450bhp. Methanol safe.
INJ-690 High flow blue injector INJ-744-P Equivalent Bosch injector INJ-875P Injectors
High flow injector, blue 690cc, 12.5 Ohms. Direct replacement in the standard system. Used on high specification, turbo & super-charged engines
Equivalent Bosch 744 injector
Siemans peco red injector 875cc, 12.5ohm. These injectors come from the same family of Siemans disc drive injector as the 690cc.  It is most commonly used for E85, Ethanol and Methanol.  Many customers use it for turbo charged or supercharged applications.
SBD 2.0L XE display engine

Our 2.0L XE display engine at the Autosport International Show 2014 at the NEC showing the high specification SBD taper throttle body kit using INJ-690P peco injectors.

Duratec Injectors | Hayabusa Injectors

Injector diagnostic testing & cleaning machine

Injector diagnostic & cleaning service

We are now able to offer a diagnostic testing & cleaning facility for your injectors. Injectors often require cleaning and will produce an abnormal spray pattern as a result of blocks or leaks.

In extreme cases, faulty injectors can cause severe damage to your engine.

Injector cleaning bath
Once the injector has been cleaned the spray pattern can be viewed to ensure the injector is working properly.

The technician can then observe the flow rate and determine which injectors have been restored to a like new condition - those that deliver an even, cone- shaped spray - and which injectors actually need to be replaced.

Injector spray pattern check
1.4L & 1.6L Vauxhall Taper throttle bodies | 2.0L Vauxhall Taper throttle bodies
Duratec Taper throttle bodies | Hayabusa Taper throttle bodies
Fuel Injection - Multi-throttle bodies

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