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Fuel Couplings
Shown below is a selection of the couplings we stock, if you cannot see what you need, please contact us.
We can supply fuel hoses suitable for use with our range of fuel couplings, please contact us for details.
All the fuel couplings shown below are also available in -8 size.
Alloy Rubber/Stainless Steel braided couplings
Aeroquip steel braided hose couplings, these coupling types are for use with Aeroquip hose with a stainless steel braided exterior, they are high quality hose type fitting.
FC-6RB00 straight coupling FC-6RB45 45-deg coupling FC-6RB90 90-deg coupling FC-8RB180S 180-deg swivel coupling
-6 rubber straight coupling
-6 rubber/stainless steel 45-deg coupling
-6 rubber/stainless steel 90-deg coupling
–8 rubber/stainless steel 180deg coupling
Alloy Teflon/braided stainless steel hose couplings
The Teflon hose fittings have a thin wall Teflon liner with a stainless steel braided exterior, this makes for a much smaller overall diameter. They use an olive type fitting to ensure good sealing and are extremely high strength. We also now have available a plastic sleeved version of the hose to prevent chaffing of surrounding components.
FC-6TFE00 Straight coupling FC-6TFE45 45-deg coupling FC-6TFE90 90-deg coupling
-6 Teflon straight coupling
-6 Teflon 45-deg coupling
-6 Teflon 90-deg coupling
FC-6TFE120S 120-deg coupling FC-6TFE150S 150-deg coupling FC-6TFE180S 180-deg coupling
-6 Teflon 120-deg coupling
-6 Teflon 150-deg coupling
-6 Teflon single swivel 180-deg coupling
Alloy Push on couplings
This is a high quality coupling using a push on type Aeroquip hose and is very lightweight in construction, also very flexible and does not cause chaffing on other components. Suitable up to 250psi.
FC-6PF000  Straight coupling FC-6PF045 45-deg coupling FC-6PF090 90-deg coupling
-6 Push on straight coupling
-6 Push on 45-deg coupling
-6 Push on 90-deg coupling
FC-6PF120 120-deg coupling FC-6PF180 180-deg coupling
-6 Push on 120-deg coupling
-6 Push on 180-deg coupling

FC-6/-6 Male/Male adaptor FC-6/-6REG -6 adaptor FC-6-BLK-AL Aluminium blank FC-6-BLANK Swivel blank FC-6-B Banjo
-6 to -6 male/male adaptor
FC-6/- 6REG
-6 adaptor for FR4
-6 blank aluminium threaded hex head
-6 swivel blank
-6 banjo x 12mm fuel pump

Pro clamp for stainless steel fuel hose. Available for -6, -8, -10 & -12 size fuel hose
FC-PRO-CLP Pro clamps for fuel hose

FC-1 Fuel coupling FC1/8 Regulator blank FC-2 Fuel coupling FC-5 Fuel coupling FC-6 Alloy fuel coupling
-6 to 1/8 NPFT thread fuel coupling m/m
1/8 NPT thread fuel regulator blank
8mm push to 1/8 NPFT thread fuel coupling m/m
Fuel coupling 10mm 90-deg Red Top. Also available 8mm coupling FC-4
Red top ¼" NPT to -6straight m/m alloy coupling
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