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Fuel pressure regulator FR1 on Paul Deslandes' Caterham

This fuel pressure regulator is the simplest type we do, it is only recommended for use on engines up to 215BHP. It has NPFT female threads & comes with 8mm screw in push on coupling. Can be converted to -6 using 2 FC1 couplings.

Shown left on Paul Deslandes Caterham 7

FR1 Fuel pressure regulator

2007 Fuel regulator, high specification internals with consistently accurately maintained fuel pressure on high usage fuel systems Black top.

FR2SB Fuel regulator

Please see our new website for our range of compact, extremely accurate fuel regulators
We no longer mount the fuel regulator on the end of the fuel rail as high spec engines sometimes create vibration which was causes issue with the fuel rail, due to the weight of the regulator. We now recommend that the regulator is mounted remotely on all engines, except for bike engines where the throttle bodies are rubber mounted.

FR3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel regulator & mount

FR4-S Small body fuel regulator

Small body Fuel Lab 2 to 8.5 Bar Special Fuel Regulator (30 to 124psi) & to date we have not found a more stable regulator. If your budget can stretch to this regulator we would recommend it & we always use it on all our highest specification engines. This kit includes couplings.

NOTE: If you intend using the upper regions of this regulator, a very high capacity pump would be required.

The regulator is available on its own FR4-S

Carburettor fuel regulator with built in filter & alloy bowl
FR5 Fuel pressure regulator

FPG1  Fuel pressure gauge FPG1
Fuel pressure gauge. 0 to 7 Bar (0 - 100 psi) for FR1 & FR2SB
Fuel pressure gauge with T-piece adaptor -6 Male/-6 Female x 1/8NPT. 0 to 7 Bar (0 - 100 psi).
FPG1-ADP-6M-6F Fuel pressure gauge with T-piece
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