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FP1 Fuel pump & connections
FP2K Red top carburettor fuel pump kit
Injection fuel pump high pressure suitable for use outside the fuel tank & any engine up to 450 BHP. This pump is supplied with a selection of fittings to suit your installation. Inlet: 12mm push on, -6 JIC and -8 JIC fittings. Outlet: 8mm push on and -6 JIC fittings.
Red top carburettor fuel pump kit. This pump is the largest of its type & should be able to supply enough fuel for up to 260BHP.The kit includes couplings, a mounting kit & a spare filter.

Injection fuel pump kit – submersible.

This pump is designed to in tank use, it is very small but also very flow rate & can supply enough fuel for up to 400 BHP. The kit comes complete with inlet filter & power supply socket with tails.

When ordering, please state which car & tank type you require the kit for.

FP7 Submergible fuel pump kit
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