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1.4L & 1.6L Vauxhall Gaskets
1.6L Vauxhall Cometic head gaskets
Cometic gaskets
Official Cometic Dealer

Cometic Laminated metal head gaskets
These gaskets are designed for high stress applications and in our tests so far, are impervious to problems experienced when using pump fuels in high compression engine and in our opinion no other gasket comes close to the Cometic gasket. We stock these gaskets for the 1.4/1.6L/2.0L 16v engines in 2 thickness 1.3mm & 1.7mm (custom thickness can be made to order).

1.4L/1.6L 16v Gaskets will suit bore sizes up to 82mm

The 1.7mm gaskets is a five-layer gasket; this gasket has been designed specifically to allow you to give a cylinder head that has been skimmed excessively due to damage, extended life. You must remember through when using this thicker head gasket that your squish (this is the distance between the head of the piston & the head face) is being reduced. This is not good for performance & should only be done as a last resort, until you can afford a new cylinder head.

The only other time we would use this head gasket would be to allow you to run high compression pistons without machining the crown, this will give you the opportunity to use the high compression pistons on a lower specification kit, which you will then be able to upgrade later without having to replace the pistons again.

All the gaskets shown as part of set can be purchased separately

GSK22E Head gasket set 1.6L 16V (right)
GSK24K Bottom gasket set 1.6L 16V (below)

GSK32E Complete gasket set 1.6L 16V comprises of GSK22E & GSK24E including all seals.

GSK22 Head gasket set
GSK24 Bottom gasket set

GSK15 Inlet manifold gasket 1.6L XE 16V, large port
GSK15 Large port inlet manifold gasket
GSK15T Inlet manifold gasket for 1.6L Z16XE year 2000 on triangular port engine
GSK15T Triangular inlet manifold
GSK20C Exhaust manifold gasket 1.6L 16V
GSK20 Metal exhaust gasket

Ford gearbox to bellhousing special alloy gasket
GSK33-C Ford gearbox to bellhousing gasket
1.4L & 1.6L Vauxhall Kits & Components

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