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The bellhousings we produce are for coupling the Vauxhall/Opel range of engines to the Ford gearbox. They will suit most of the range of engines from 1.3 8v to the 3.0L V6. They are manufactured in two basic types, vertical bellhousing are suitable for use when you intend to mount your engine vertically in your car e.g. Westfields, Caterhams & other car where your installation is tight & you are unable to mount the engine at its natural 7 degree tilt toward the exhaust. If you use the 7 degree type because of its tilt it gives you more room on the intake side which allows you extra room for ram pipes & air filters. This is particularly useful when used in Mk1,2 & 3 rear wheel drive Escorts, Chevettes, Opel Manta & other similar cars where the inner wing is close to the engine & if you have to run a restricted intake, you will lose all the horse power you have spent so much money getting in the first place. There are 2 lengths of bellhousings the 150mm, which is for use with the Ford gearboxes RS2000 4 speed & Sierra 5 speed. The 170mm is for use with the Ford V6 gearbox of if you wish to mount the engine further away from the gearbox & you are having a gearbox specially built with a long input shaft.
BELH1 Vertical Bellhousing
BELH2 7-degree Bellhousing
BELH3 Vertical bellhousing
BELH4 7-degree Bellhousing
150mm vertical bellhousing
150mm 7-degree bellhousing
170mm Vertical Bellhousing
170mm 7-degree bellhousing
Bellhousing Mounting Kits
The above bellhousing are designed to use Cap head bolts to fix them to the engine block and these are sold in kits. Mounting the gearbox to the bellhousing is possible in 2 ways with some of our bellhousings, the 2 choices are either bolt through the bellhousing to the gearbox in the normal way. Unfortunately the thread size used by Ford is of an odd fine pitch so we have had some special bolts made to cope with this problem & the extra length of bolt required. The other way of mounting the gearbox to the bellhousing is to make it quick release, so the bellhousing can be left bolted to the engine & the gearbox changed on its own. Some of the bellhousings are already threaded with 10 x 1.50mm so with a small amount of grinding on the gearbox casing a normal Cap head bolt can be used from the gearbox side. (Please note if your bellhousing has come with 10mm threads & you wish to fit it in the normal way, simply drill out with a drill bit to clear the larger bolts.)
BEL-BGK1 Bellhousing to gearbox bolt kit BEL-BBK1 Bellhousing to block bolt kit
GSK33-C Gearbox to bellhousing gasket
Bellhousing to Gearbox bolt kit (Special Fine Pitch 12mm bolts)
Bellhousing to block bolt kit Plated bolts.
Ford gearbox to bellhousing special alloy gasket

As featured in Retro Ford Sept 2006:

If you are thinking of fitting an XE into your old Ford, SBD has got to be your first stop. Steve Broughton and his team know everything that there is to know about turning the XE round and powering the rear wheels. They can supply you with a high quality cast aluminium bellhousing with all the required Allen key bolts. This will mate your Ford four- or five-speed gearbox to the pokey Vauxhall 'valver unit.

Retro Ford September 2006
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