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Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates 2.0L 16V XE/LN
FLY-W-VX2-0XE-002 Lightweight 2.0L VX pot type flywheel


2.0L XE Lightweight pot type steel flywheel with integral ring gear to suit 228mm standard clutch. Weight approx 4.4kg. For use with standard starter motor. Outside Diameter approx 288mm.

The clutch mounting bolts for this flywheel have been increased to 8mm for increased strength and durability, this is also a much more common, easily attainable bolt size. In order to accommodate the new larger bolt (+1mm) the clutch cover may need to be drilled out.

CLTC-12-4990 Heavy duty clutch cover
CLTC-12-4990 Astra/Cavalier clutch cover pot type, approx 4.4kg (shown above)
CLTC-60-4992 Heavy duty clutch cover pot type, also suitable for turbo applications
Due to the variety of clutch plates available, we recommend you contact us with full details of your car usage, engine specification and spline information (i.e. diameter & teeth) to determine which is the most suitable clutch plate for you.
CLT-70-4628 Kelvar clutch plate
CLT-78-4627 Unsprung paddle clutch plate
CLT-76-2200 Sprung paddle clutch
228mm Kevlar clutch plate. 1 plate reqd approx 1.5kg
228mm Unsprung paddle clutch plate.1 plate reqd approx 1kg
228mm Sprung paddle clutch plate.1 plate reqd approx 1.5kg
Flywheels & Clutch Introduction, Weight Calculation
2.0L Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates (non pot type) | 2.0L 7.25" & 5.5" Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates
Clutch Release Mechanisms
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Parts

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