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7.25" & 5.5" 2.0L 16V XE Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates
For use with standard starter motor. Outside Diameter approx 288mm.
Flywheel bolt holes in FLY-W2 are drilled 10.00mm to suit standard bolts, however if you are using ARP H/D bolts then the holes must be drilled out to 10.50mm.
FLY-W2 7.25" Flywheel with slots FLY-W-VX2.0XE-003  2.0L Vauxhall 7.25" Ultra light flywheel
FLY-W-VX2-0XE-005 140mm 2.0L Vauxhall flywheel
7.25” Flywheel 2.0L 16V with slots approx 3.1kg
SBD have produced these flywheels for many years, they are very affordable. You simply heat up your original ring gear on your standard flywheel and transfer it over. If you do not have a standard flywheel, please select a flywheel with the ring already fitted.
7.25” Flywheel 2.0L XE 16v 8 Bolt Ultralight with built in ring gear, weight approx 2.58kg
140mm Steel Flywheel 2.0L XE 16v Ultralight with built in ring gear approx 2.3kg. Suitable for 5.5" Clutch
Super Clutch 7.25"
Super Clutch combination dependant on your engine specification & usage.
Flywheels & Clutch Introduction, Weight Calculation
2.0L Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates (non pot type) | 2.0L Flywheels, Clutch covers & plates (pot type)
Super Clutch
Bellhousings | Clutch Release Mechanisms
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Parts

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