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Pneumatic gearshift control
We have developed a range of products for use with the MBE9A9 & MBE9A6 ECUs to control the gear change on sequential gearboxes. The products have been developed over many years to be as small and compact as possible, yet fast and reliable.
If you contact us directly with full details of your installation, we will advise you on the best combination.
Gearshift components on SBD Dallara GEAR-PN-S-KIT-05-2 2-valve pneumatic valve block
This pneumatic valve block is very small and compact, we have developed its design over many years of testing. The 2 valve version is for use with EGAS/electronic throttle, where only the gearshift actuator is required to be controlled by compressed air. The electronic throttle is controlled directly by the ECU and blips the throttle as required.
GEAR-PN-S-KIT-05-3 3-valve pneumatic valve block


This pneumatic valve block is very small and compact, we have developed its design over many years of testing. The 3 valve version is for use on a cable operated throttle system. Two of valves control the gearshift actuator and the third valve blips the throttle.

GEAR-PN-ACCUM-02 Accumulator


We have designed a neat and compact accumulator for use in conjunction with a compressor. The bottle made from a lightweight carbon composite and is extremely strong. There is a miniature adjustable pressure regulator and a high specification pressure sensor.

Shown below on the SBD Dallara

Gearshift components on SBD Dallara


This compressor is the larger version that we provide, recommended for vehicles which are used for endurance events such as racing and rallying, where a high duty cycle is required. It is still of a compact size but very powerful and reliable.

GEAR-PN-GAUGE-KIT-01 Gauge kit


The gauge kit is designed to allow the user to set the pressure of their accumulator to suit their application.

Please note: The pressures for each system will vary depending on gearbox type and actuator.

GEAR-PN-A-TB-INLINE-02 Throttle blip actuator


This is a high quality in line throttle blip actuator. It is mounted into your throttle cable for control by the ECU, which controls the engine rpm during gearshift.

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