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Hayabusa Camshafts & Valve train components

The first upgrade to the standard busa cams involve regrinding the original cams to new profiles, for this upgrade the customers cams are required. These are a nice upgrade over the standard cams, giving an increase in torque & horsepower. This is the largest profile that is achievable as a regrind using standard cams. It still makes use of the standard springs & caps, which are extremely good.

Hayabusa camshaft & chain on display engine
CM-BUSA-03 Hayabusa reground camshafts

The next profile is achieved with two standard inlet cams (supplied by customer), which are then reground to a profile which is larger than can be ground onto the original exhaust camshaft. This gives a further increase in horsepower yet still retaining standard springs & cams. If you do not have another inlet cam, we can produce a steel billet, this is at increased cost.

CM-BUSA-03R2 For Gen 1 engines (shown left)
CM-BUSA-13R For Gen 2 engines

CMVP-BUSA-02 (shown right)
Pair of Suzuki adjustable cam sprockets
CMVP-BUSA-02 Suzuki adjustable cam sprockets

VLC-BUSA-01T Valve caps
Cam Bearing for hayabusa camshafts, sold singly
Suzuki Busa Titanium Valve caps for Standard Springs
CM-CHAIN-BUSA-HD02 Cam chain conversion kit
Suzuki cam chain CM-BUSA-CHAIN-TEN-M Cam chain tensioner
Complete roller cam chain conversion kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa, The kit contains special upper and lower cam drive sprockets, camshaft adaptors and cam chain
Suzuki Cam Chain for Hayabusa
Heavy duty manual cam chain tensioner for the Suzuki GSX1300R Busa. This is used to replace the hydraulic version on tuned engines & standard engines where some customers have suffered problems with the standard version.


VLV-BUSA-EX-28.50 & IN-34.00-M1 Hayabusa composite valves

VLV-BUSA-IN-34.00-M1(far left)
We have been working on improving the airflow of the cylinder head and for our latest development, we have designed a new valve made of composite materials to cope with higher rpm applications & higher lift camshafts. The valves are +1mm for the inlet and exhaust; 34mm inlet and 28.5mm exhaust. These have been made in large quantities which has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost, yet maintain the high quality.


Suzuki Busa Std Size 27.50mm Exhaust Valve (S/Steel)

VLV-BUSA-IN-33.00 Suzuki Busa Std Size 33mm Inlet Valve (S/Steel)

Hayabusa valves
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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