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Hayabusa Gearbox & Clutch Components
GEAR-B-BUSA-SS-HD Hayabusa shift rods


GEAR-B-BUSA-OP-HD Heavy duty output shaft
The heavy-duty shift shafts are designed to replace the original tubular versions. The standard item has a tendency to distort in use & sometimes permanently bend particularly in motorsport use, this upsets the selector fork alignment, which can cause missed gears, incorrectly selected gears & even the gearbox to jump out of gear. Thus speeding up the wear of the gearbox itself. Whereas the heavy-duty ones are made of solid machined steel thus preventing the distortion so eliminating the above problems. Busa GSX1300R Heavy Duty Output Shaft (No Sprocket) ('99 - '07 engines). This is a heavy duty output shaft which has a Honda blackbird spline, this is much stronger than the original Suzuki spline as these can occasionally shear.
In many cases, people didn't realise they had a problem until they fitted the new shafts whereupon the gear changes were even smoother & faster. With the combination of the shift rods & close ratio gear kits, the gear change is much slicker. We have tested the shafts during the last few seasons.  


There have been several clutch slave cylinder kits on the market; we have improved the design by creating our own piston. This allows the use of a stainless steel pin, very similar to that used on the standard Suzuki clutch slave. We have produced a fitting kit, shown separately, which is designed for use with our dry sump system.

However if you wish to space the slave cylinder at a different distance from the engine to suit a special installation, our new piston design allows you to shorten the pin, which comes with the fitting kit very easily, to accommodate your requirements. Shown left on our display engine.
CLT-HCA-BUSA-01K Internal view CLT-HCA-BUSA-FTK-01 Fitting kit
CLT-HCA-BUSA-01K External view


Fitting Kit for use with the clutch slave cylinder kit CLT-HCA-BUSA-O1K. This kit was originally designed for use with our dry sump kit OS-DSK-BUSA-01, however the pin can be easily shortened to accommodate other requirement. See details above.

CLT-BUSA-HD-BILLET-BASKET Hayabusa billet backet & back plate


Suzuki hayabusa billet basket & back plate. The billet basket & back plate is designed for turbo applications, it uses our uprated billet basket with the addition of a back plate machined from solid. The stronger back plate is designed to help control the springs better in the clutch assembly, particularly in the rapid changes in loading from the turbo engine.

Billet basket & back plate fitting instructions

CLT-BUSA-HD-BILLET-BASKET-02 Hayabusa clutch billet basket CLT-BUSA-HD-BILLET-BASKET-02 CLT-BUSA-HD-BILLET-CENTRE Hayabusa billet clutch centre
Suzuki hayabusa billet basket. The billet basket is designed to replace the standard item that can fracture & break up. The new version is CNCd from solid & is suitable for high revving applications & our supercharged installation due to the smooth increase in boost (turbo applications require a back plate as well - see above).
Suzuki hayabusa billet clutch centre
The billet centre is designed to replace the standard centre. This eliminates the back torque limiter which makes clutch chatter when subjected to rapid take offs, thus allowing smoother starts.
CLT-BUSA-HD-SPR-TURBO Heavy duty hayabusa clutch springs CLT-BUSA-HD-SPR-TURBO   CLT-BUSA-HD-SPR-10 CLT-BUSA-HD-SPR-10 Heavy duty clutch springs
Hayabusa Heavy Duty Clutch Spring set for Turbo and Super Charger engines they have a very nice feel and are used by many people in standard or mildly tuned engines as well. ('99 - '07) Hayabusa Heavy Duty Clutch Spring set +10 % ideal for use with mildly tuned engines ('99 - '07)
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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