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Hayabusa Crankshafts & components

BAL-BUSA-KNIFE-01 Knife-edge & lighten Hayabusa crankshaft retaining balancer.
The crankshaft will be knife edged, the counter weights lightened and re-balanced to compliment your pistons & rods. We will require these, along with your generator when machining the crank to enable the counterbalances on the crankshaft to match your pistons & rods.

If you are using our new slipper pistons and rods, the new weight of the crankshaft will be approx 10.92Kg compared to 11.35Kg of the standard crank - this may not seem a huge weight saving but many people take this machining process too far thus causing problems. The knife edged crank will give ultra smooth and rapid engine acceleration, the balancer shaft has been retained to further aid the smoothness of the engine which is a highly desirable characteristic on a high revving engine of this type. It should be remembered that if Suzuki could have designed the engine to run without the balancer shaft without any negative effects, they would have!

BAL-BUSA-KNIFE-01 Knife-edged & lightened crankshaft with balancer
However, if required, the balancing gear can be knife-edged, as shown in the picture below.
BAL-BUSA-KNIFE-02 Knife-edge & lighten Hayabusa crankshaft removing balancer.
BAL-BUSA-KNIFE-02 Knife-edged & lightened crankshaft without balancer

New standard Suzuki crankshaft 1340cc with 65mm stoke.
24-1 Standard trigger wheel for the Suzuki hayabusa 2002-2007. If your engine is the earlier type, you will need to fit this trigger wheel to run with our MBE ECUs.
CRK-SUZ-1.3-STD-01 crankshaft
The crank sensor is part of the generator assembly.
TW-24-1-HAYABUSA-EXCH  Hayabusa 24-1 trigger wheel

Main Stud Kits
Our main stud kit replaces the standard main cap bolts which are particularly poor quality on the standard Suzuki engine. These are made from a far superior material which give accurate & consistent loading across the main cap assembly thus giving a consistent & even load across the bearings helping to keep better control over flexing in the lower part of the block.

BLT-MK-STUD-BUSA-02 - Ultra high specification ARP kit

BLT-MK-STUD-BUSA-02 Ultra high spec Hayabusa main stud kit
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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