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Hayabusa Cylinder Head & components
After extensive development work on the flow bench & engine testing, our latest head has +1mm valves on the inlet & exhaust with bronze guides for added reliability. The ports are CNC'd to ensure high accuracy & repeatability. Modifications have been carried out to allow camshafts with over 11mm of lift.

We consider this to be the best head available & when used with our range of components, we have seen the greatest output for normally aspirated Hayabusa engines. However, even if you decide to add it to your current tuned engine it should make a significant improvement.

HEAD-M-BUSA-CNC-BV Hayabusa cylinder head
BLT-H-STUD-BUSA-01 Heavy duty head stud kit BLT-H-STUD-BUSA-01 (shown left)
The ARP head stud kit is made from a very high quality material with superior strength over the standard component, which allows better clamping with more accurate & even loading. In our opinion, in most applications there is no need to go to a bigger stud diameter due to superior quality.

Cometic gaskets
Cometic Laminated metal head gaskets
Official Cometic Dealer
GSK-SUZ-H-HC- Hayabusa head gasket

These gaskets are designed for high stress applications and in our tests are impervious to problems experienced when using pump fuels in high compression engines and in our opinion no other gasket comes close to the Cometic gasket. It is available in 4 bore sizes and .030" thick.


GSK-SUZ-H-BC-010 Hayabusa base gasket
Cometic Base Gasket Spring Viton Steel 0.010" Thick

SP-CR9E NGK spark plug

Spark Plug

NGK Hayabusa 9 Rated Spark plug.
Suitable for all competition applications.

Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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