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Suzuki GSXR 1300 cc Hayabusa Kit
This kit was designed for use of on the standard Suzuki Hayabusa 1999 to 2007, the kit comprises of MBE9A4 ECU & LM9A4-GSXR-M-OMS-2 wiring harness. LM9A4-GSXR-M-OMS-2 Hayabusa wiring harness
Doug Newman Hayabusa powered Caterham MBE9A4 ECU
Shown left on Gold Arts Hayabusa powered Caterham.

Optional Extras
High flow fuel rail for standard Hayabusa throttle bodies
(shown right)
TP-BUSA-T50K SBD Hayabusa tapered throttle bodies


Alternatively you may wish to upgrade to SBD designed tapered throttle body kit TP-BUSA-T50K for '99 - '07 engines, for more details please see Fuel Injection webpage.

INJ-480P Injector


Small Peco injector, yellow 480 High flow 14 Ohms

FR3.0 & FR-MNT Fuel regulator & mount
FF1A-8 Fuel filter FP1 Fuel pump
FR-3.0 & FR-MNT
Extremely accurate, very small & compact fuel regulator 3 Bar (44.1 PSI) with mounting body -6 type
Pre injection pump fuel filter, injection pumps are not very efficient at sucking fuel & it is recommended that they have the less restriction possible in their supply line. We normally recommend a minimum of -8JIC (or 12mm push on).
Injection fuel pump high pressure suitable for use outside the fuel tank & any engine up to 320 bhp. This pump is supplied with a choice of either 12mm diameter inlet or -8JIC inlet. The outlet has a choice of either 8mm push on or -6JIC

AR-BP-BUSA-1/JC40 Air filters back plate

Air filter sausage available in three sizes, AR-FS40-065, AR-FS40-100, AR-FS40-125

AR-FS40-100-&-AR-BP-BUSA-1JC40 Air filter & back plate
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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