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Hayabusa 8-injector Wiring Harness & Management System
We have specially developed a system, for use on a hayabusa 2008 8 injector GSX1300R (1340cc). We have designed & developed a wiring harness to suit this engine particularly when used in car applications. This will allow the user to get rid of the standard bulky complicated system. It allows the use of all the original sensors, injectors, coils, trigger wheel, etc. The system has been designed to allow you to get the best from your engine whether it is standard or tuned, not held back by the restrictions of the standard road going system. It uses the MBE9A8 ECU. View full information on the MBE 9A8 ECU

The harness includes wiring for gear change set-up.
LM9A8-GSXR-M-OMS Busa 8-injector wiring harness


Helmet Bleeper to signify gear change & low oil pressure with 1/4" jackplug & special bleeper harness to connect to car's main wiring harness. 1.5m length. For use with MBE9A8 ECU.

These items are available separately

LM-BLEEPER-KIT-02 Helmet bleeper kit

MBE995 shown here with the additional wiring harness required to connect it to your car's main harness.

Instruction Sheet for connecting to car main wiring harness*

Connectors at bottom of picture plug into the car's main harness, see above

Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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