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An excerpt from Track & Race Car's November 2005 article on Ecu's.
Track & Race Car

Brain Surgery

Your car may have the brawn, but without the brain it's going nowhere fast.

Luke Wood visited us to get the lowdown on MBE992.

MBE992 bike engine ECU now superceded by MBE9A4

What's this?

The 992 is aimed specifically at high revving bike engines such as the Hayabusa, and has been designed to allow the user to optimize the fuel and ignition settings. It uses USB communication from your laptop, which is then converted to CAN (a much more stable system) and can be easily upgraded with downloadable software. The 992 can control your shift light , rad fan and launch control along with many more functions that are still being finalised as TRC goes to press. All additional functions in the ECU are free of charge . although in some cases it may be necessary to make complex additions to your existing wiring harness.

Is it for me?

The 992 ECU was designed to run sequential fuel and sequential ignition, which is required for bike engines. A special piece of software was also written by MBE called Soft Start, which was produced due to a known problem with the standard starter motors. This problem can sometimes occur if the battery level is low and when the engine would kick back on starting and engage the starter clutch. At best this would damage the starter clutch but at worst it would break off part of the engine cases. The 992 combats this by allowing the engine to get up to speed during cranking before attempting to start the engine and will not allow it to start until it does so. Obviously, the 992 is most applicable to bike-engine machines such as kit cars or RGB championship cars but MBE also produces aftermarket units for regular engines from four cylinder to V6, V8 and even turbocharged. The most popular of these is the 967E (from £367.50) which is perhaps most commonly used on four cylinder Duratec and Vauxhall engines and includes a range of features.

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