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We are committed to a constant research and development programme and as a result, we can offer a number of excellent kits that will enable the club racer to be very competitive in his chosen class.  We have customers from all over the world, who compete in all types of motorsport; sprinting, hillclimbing, circuit racing, rallying, autograss to name but a few. All our development products are thoroughly tested under race conditions prior to being released for general sale.  Vauxhall 2.0L XE

We have developed the Vauxhall 1.4L/1.6L & 2.0L engine as you can see by looking at our Taper Throttle Kits. Development of the 2.0L XE has reached 292bhp/197lbft torque last year, this kit has been run successfully in Peter Hayter's Westfield. The 1.6L development reached 241bhp/148lbft a few years ago when we ran this kit in our SBD Westfield, the engine has since been sold to Garry Dickson who was Overall Winner of the Scottish Sprint Championship in 2006 & Divisional Winner in 2007. The upper and lower injectors idea became a reality with Steve Broughton using these on the JADE sportscar & has continued to be used on both our Vauxhall & Duratec powered Westfields. Although we would always recommend you to stay with injection, we do provide parts & kits for the carburettor enthusiasts amongst us. 


In addition to the Vauxhall, we have begun to develop both the Ford Duratec 2.0L engine & the Suzuki Hayabusa engine. 2.0L Ford Duratec

The Duratec engine development has reached 304bhp/195lbft torque at the end of 2007. We have been successfully running the 2.0L Duratec engine in our Westfield & this engine is now being installed in Matt Downer's Escort Mk11 for the 2008 season. We are building a new 2.0L Duratec engine for the 2008 season to develop this engine further, more horsepower is expected.

Suzuki Hayabusa


We have been developing the Suzuki Hayabusa engine, which we were running in our OMS from 2004 to 2007. We have a new JADE/OMS for the 2008 season with a new 1396cc Hayabusa engine producing 251bhp/122lbft torque.



The brain behind the kits is the MBE management, of which we are the main distributors. Whether you choose an ECU, for a car or bike engine, the ECUs come with software already programmed, but can be adjusted later by the user. The MBE units are incredibly powerful units and are easy to understand and map. We have been heavily involved with the development of the ECUs, and Steve often finds himself out around the world mapping for race clients.

All the kits for the above engines produce very wide power bands and are particularly smooth to drive, coming on song at very low revs and pulling through to maximum.

Please note that none of our kits are designed to run with ‘catalysts’ but you can run a ‘racing catalyst’.  This does not mean that you will not pass your MOT emissions test, it simply means that our engine management systems are considerably more efficient than the manufacturers and that our Lambda control keeps the engine running correctly the whole time.

Lambda control can be used or not as you want.  But, when it comes to road going cars that are tweaked, we strongly recommend their use, either in narrow band - as supplied by the manufacturer - or wide band as supplied by us.  The difference is that the narrow band will only operate at idling speed and very low revs.  Whilst the wide band unit operates throughout the whole rev. range and has the effect of constantly tuning your engine to optimum efficiency.  Both units keep you within the letter of the law regarding emission control.

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