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Vauxhall 2.0L XE Basic Multi-throttle Kit
For 2.0 Litre 16V XE & LN Engine

This kit has been designed to replace the carburettor versions at a reasonable price, which is very competitive. The main advantage that injection has over carbs is the reliability and smoothness of power application over the entire rev range as well as a significant increase in power and torque. Once set up the system does not need to be touched for the rest of the season.

2.0L Basic Multi-throttle kit
2.0L Multi-throttle basic kit graph
These figures have been obtained on Griffin Motorsport Dyno
The kit has been fitted to a standard engine and closed cell dyno run and mapped, so the kit when it arrives is programmed and ready to go. The quoted output will only be reached if the kit is fitted as per our instructions and the exhaust system and induction systems are fitted correctly.
INJ-744-P Injector When ordering your kit you should specify whether your car is front, rear or mid engine layout. This is because we produce different wiring harnesses to suit each application.

The kit is designed to use the Bosch Cream Injectors, Part No.0280 150 744, as fitted to the 2.0L XE engine, however if your injectors are tired you may wish to replace them with our pattern version INJ-744-P.

Simon Braithwaite's Caterham 7, which currently runs our Basic kit.

Simon Braithwaite

Recommended Options
FR2SB & FR-3.5

Fuel Regulator Options

The kits come with a FR1 fuel pressure regulator, however if you are anticipating upgrading the kit in the future we would recommend you choose one of the following options;

FR2SB Fuel regulator with high specification internals with consistently accurately maintained fuel pressure on high usage fuel systems, black top, supplied with -6 & -8 loose couplings. (Shown far left with bracket)

FR-3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel regulator 3.5 Bar (51.45 PSI) & mounting bracket. (Shown left)

Fuel Injection Options

If you are anticipating upgrading in the future, you may wish to choose to use the smaller high flow peco injectors, these require a different fuel rail which can be substituted as part of the kit instead of the standard rail. Alternatively if you wish to upgrade later, the fuel rail can be purchased separately.

INJ-480P Small Peco injector 480 high flow yellow (14 Ohm)

Fuel Injection Options

BARO-SEN-1&-LM967-BARO-ADP Barometric Sensors

Barometric Sensors

If you are likely to be using the engine in situations when you are at altitude i.e.. travelling abroad in the mountains, then you'll need to run this sensor to adjust the fuel mixture to compensate.

LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric adaptor lead to upgrade off the shelf harness

BARO-SEN-1 Barometric pressure sensor

Rod Bolts

You may wish to upgrade the rod bolts to heavy duty bolts which will allow you to increase the rev limit from 7250 to 7750.

RB1K Heavy duty ARP rod bolt set 2.0L XE + instructions

RB1K Rod bolts

If you intend on fitting the kit to an Astra or Cavalier & plan to use an air box, the MT2L should be replaced by MT2 & MT5 as these make it much easier to remove & refit the air box.
MT2 45i Short injection bodies plus fuel rail & clips
MT5 Spacers 45mm x 25mm taped M6

2.0L Exhaust Manifolds
All our kits have been developed using exhaust manifold designs that have been dyno tested and developed by ourselves.  In order to achieve the optimum performance from your kit, you will need to have an exhaust manifold made to our design.  When you purchase the kit, this information will be included.
2.0L Vauxhall Components

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