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Multi-Throttle Injection Kits for Vauxhall

The Multi Throttles are pairs of parallel throttles which look almost identical to carburettors, but without float chambers. They are available in a choice of two lengths, 118mm standard Long type, the same length as a normal carburettor & 94mm short type. The shorter type is usually used with an air box or where space is tight.

Please Note if you wish to use the short throttle due to lack of space in installation, because of the fuel rail over-hanging the ram pipe mount, you will not be able to use a normal air filer assembly. All our multi throttle kits use throttle bodies with idle for fine adjustment of idle mixture & balance. All our kits include ram pipes of the correct tuned length.

Shown below is the Basic Multi-throttle kit on Simon Braithwaite's Caterham at the Brighton Speed Trials 2002.

Simon Braithwaite's Caterham

We have utilised a manifold that we have cast to our own specification. Thus short or long multi throttle bodies are available giving the widest possible application. The short bodies are also particularly useful where space is limited, for example in the Astra Mk II and the Cavalier series as well as rear wheel drive applications, particularly the Escort.

These kits allow you the choice of one of three types of off the shelf wiring harness available in rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and mid engine versions. These have been specially designed to be as neat as possible and to cover many applications. These come with a selection of coil adaptors that will allow you to fit to range of ignition systems e.g. engines with distributors, engines with distributorless coils (Bosch 3 pin connector type as fitted to LN engines) or by using our coil (COIL-4).

Alternatively a custom made wiring loom is another option, but this will take an average of 4 weeks from receipt of your finished drawing. If you refer to the section ECU's we have listed all the specifications and options available which you can add.

These kits are for use on Caterham or Westfield style of car where space is not a problem.

If your engine is equipped with a distributor & coil/amplifier set up, it is not recommend because even if you have these parts the standard cap & rotor reduce in efficiency as they wear & cost over £60.00 to replace each time. Since the distributorless coil has no moving parts so maintains a perfect spark we have never seen one wear out yet it is a false economy. The only exception to the rule is the MK2 Astras, which are equipped with a digital dashboard and it is not very good at reading the tacho signal on the distributorless systems.

It is also worth remembering that the colder the air to the engine the better it will run and the easier to manage. We can recommend several intake kits that may be of use to you. We do not include them in the kits as most people have their own ideas as to the way they want their intakes to go. Please refer to the section on air boxes and filters for a selection of different styles and dimensions that are available.



Shown right is the Basic Multi-throttle kit on Paul Deslandes' Caterham at Brighton Speed Trials 2005. Paul competes in Hillclimbs in his Caterham.

Basic Multi-throttle kit on Paul Deslandes Caterham
For 1.4L: Basic Multi-throttle kit
For 1.6L: Basic Multi-throttle kit
For 2.0L: Basic Multi-throttle kit
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