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2.0L XE Slipper Pistons & Con-rods
2.0L XE Slipper Piston & Con-rod

When using slipper pistons there are a lot of stories around, but most of these tales have come from using inferior products. We have used Omega slipper pistons for many years now and we find they are, in fact, more reliable and create less wear than any other design of piston, whether used in rally, race, sprint or hillclimb engines. When you wish to produce the ultimate engine, the Omega slipper piston would always be our first choice.

PIST-OM-VX88.00-SLS 2.0L XE slipper pistons PIST-OM-VX86.00-SLS


We have taken all the latest advancements in technology and together with all the improvements we have discovered from our engine developments and used this to design a completely new piston for the ever popular 2.0L XE. Omega have designed a completely new forging, it has significantly increased strength over any piston we have produced in the past and great care has been taken to ensure no machining is required to the internal structure in order to maintain maximum strength. PIST-OM-VX88-00-SLS slipper piston

We have reduced the pin size from 20mm down to 18mm. We have been able to reduce the piston pocket depth due to our advanced cam designs, this has allowed us to reduce piston crown height to improve flame travel with the combustion area and yet still maintain optimum compression. The total weight of the piston has been reduced by 25g over the original slipper piston and the total weight is now down to 307g for 87mm bore, this includes the rings, pin and circlips. The 88mm piston weighs 314g.

We have now produced our latest slipper piston design in 86.00mm bore, but in order to not compromise the design we have produced a new forging specifically for this piston and bore size. The 86mm piston weighs 298g including rings, pin and circlips.

ROD-VX-2.0XE-149-01S (standard width)
(narrow width)

To compliment the latest XE slipper piston, we have designed two new con-rods; one to suit the standard XE crank dimensions (26.35mm big end), which uses an L19 ARP bolt, the second version has a narrower big end (23.80mm) specifically designed for our 2.0L crankshaft and supplied with 625+ ARP bolts. We have managed to increase the overall rod length to 149mm due to the new smaller pin size of 18mm and because we have been able to move the pin closer to the crown due to its smaller diameter. At the same time we have also reduced the overall deck height to allow the standard block face to be machined to ensure perfect accuracy across the top of the block. The rod also incorporates the latest designs for improved strength yet is still lighter than the original design. The two rods weight 510g for the standard width big end and 490g for the 23.80mm narrow rod.

ROD-VX-2.0XE-149-01S 2.0L XE Con-rod

This design of rod has several improvements which benefit the engine. There are two vertical grooves on the side of the rod, this directs the oil spray as it exits the big end vertically upwards towards the pin and the crown of the piston,. This has two benefits, it helps to supply lubricant directly to the gudgeon pin also the cool jet of oil to the underside of the crown of the piston helps to reduce the temperature of the piston itself. On the small end, we have repositioned the oil hole which feeds the small end bush. This is because the one at the top which is normally used effectively weakens the rod itself which increases the possibility of breakage when the rod is brought down by the crankshaft. By moving the oil hole to the side of the rod, there is far more material in this area to help maintain its strength.

Because of the above modifications it is no longer necessary to supply an oil feed through the bearing, even if your bearing still has a hole for the oil jet, it does not reduce its improvement, the hole is simply filled with oil and the pressure in this area is maintained.

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