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Vauxhall 1.6L Tarmac Rally & Race Specification

The TP225 kit has been especially designed for race & tarmac rally use.

This kit has been developed to produce good top end performance for both tarmac rally & race use at an affordable cost. We use Omega pistons & steel rods to improve compression, performance and strength of the engine. The cylinder head specification uses +1mm stainless steel valves with bronze guides, CNCd ported to allow the engine to the potential to produce 225bhp and beyond. The cam design that we would normally supply with this kit is similar in design to the cam profile on the top spec 2.0L XE engine. The spring, cap & platform assembly again uses the same high specification spring as used in the 2.0L kit to allow the use of sustained high rpm and valve lift reliably.

The MBE9A4 ECU comes already programmed & ready to use, however we would reoommend a mapping session to fine-tune the engine. This is particularly important on the very high specification engines.

We would strongly recommend that this engine is only used with one of our dry sump systems in order to maintain reliability, which is not possible with a wet sump version.

1.6L XE TP225 graph

For more information about cylinder head variations, please follow this link.

We can tailor the kit to your needs, email us for more information.

Parts in this kit
1.6L Taper throttle kit with MBE9A4 Camshafts & valve train components
INJ-690-P Peco injectors COIL-4 Coil pack Headwork
ROD-129S Con-rods
PIST-OM79.50XS Pistons

Optional Extras


Dry sump system


OS-DSK5P4V Dry sump system
PLY-MV2TW-58-EX1 Crank pulley & CRK-SEN-5 Crank Sensor
PLY-MV2TW-58-EX1 Crank pulley CRK-SEN-5 Crank Sensor
ITG Air filter & Lazer cut back plate
Air filter & Back plate
Exhaust Manifolds

These kits will only yield their true potential when used in conjunction with our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.We can supply a drawing so that the manifold can be made to suit that specification.

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1.6L Vauxhall Components

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