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Vauxhall 2.0L XE Taper Throttle Injection Kits (TP Kits)
For full details and specifications of all our 2.0L XE Taper Throttle Kits, please see our new website
All these kits come complete with an MBE ECU which is already programmed & ready to use, however for our higher specification kits we would recommend a mapping session to fine-tune the engine.
These kits will yield their true potential only when used in conjunction with of our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.
Please note that most of the kits do not include oil system upgrades, this is because it will depend on the type of car & the rules of the Championship you will be using it for but it is recommended that a Dry sump system is used if possible.
When setting up the throttle body kit, it is recommended you use a syncrometer as shown in the instruction sheets, they are available from us, part number CRB-SYNCRO. CRB-SYNCRO Syncrometer
Taper throttle bodies

Taper Throttle Bodies vs Parallel (Multi-throttle) Body type

What are the advantages?


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