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Advantages of using SBD Taper throttles over the parallel & direct to head throttle systems

SBD taper throttle body kits are made up from 4 single bodies (on a 4 cylinder engine) which taper from the ram pipe end down to the manifold face, with a butterfly in the middle. the taper then continues on through our inlet manifolds to the cylinder head.

The main advantages of using a tapered singled body over parallel bodies & slides that we have found in tests are:-

1. Being individually adjustable they can be perfectly set-up.

2. We have found that the use of a taper that continues the shape of the ram pipe right through the throttle & manifold up to the valve, has improved torque through almost the entire power band.

3. Also we have found that the use of a butterfly in junction with a taper has improved throttle response. With our latest development of careful injector positioning and angles we have managed to improve response and peak performance even more.

4. The peak BHP that we have seen from the tapers with butterflies is better than we have achieved in similar tests using parallel bodies, barrel throttle bodies or a slide throttle assembly.

SBD Taper throttle kits Multi-throttles
Taper throttle body system Multi-throttle bodies

Multi-throttles are pairs of parallel throttles which look almost identical to carburettors, but without float chambers. All our multi throttle kits use throttle bodies with idle for fine adjustment of idle mixture & balance. They are available in 118mm standard Long type (the same length as a normal carburettor).

We are also asked regularly about the difference between direct to head and twin/parallel throttle bodies, they both produce about the same performance, although the direct to head has the manifold cast into the assembly which makes it neat to look at. The advantage is that the separate inlet manifold and throttle bodies is that they are more suitable to mounting throttle linkage kits, they can be fitted where the throttle bodies join the inlet manifold either above or below depending on customers preference. The direct to heads only have provision to mount the throttle linkage underneath up against the air filter backplate mounting.

These types of intake systems, although produce reasonable performance, we consider to be the basic throttle body types, where if you are looking for ultimate performance either now or in the future, you should look at SBD taper throttle body designs.

The latest development of our taper throttle body designs comes supplied with a simple cam design throttle mechanism ready to accept a throttle cable, the inlet manifolds also include the most up to date port shapes. We are always working to improve the performance of all our engine kits and the new port design matches perfectly with our latest CNC cylinder head work, however even if you aren't using our cylinder heads you can potentially gain advantage by matching your cylinder head to our inlet manifolds. Certainly all those who have purchased our taper throttle body systems are extremely complimentary about it and the reports are continually coming in with very positive results.

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